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This opportunity won't last forever. This is a straight forward opportunity based upon our Mission Happi model, and we can only take a limited number of PSP: Profit Sharing Partners for this project. Once this Profit Sharing Partnership opportunity is full, we will not take one additional investment. The reason we have to limit the number of PSPs we accept is because we will not chance reducing PSP's  investor  position or ROI. As a PSP, you share equally in 45% profits of one Happi Bean physical coffee store location, and 30% of all online store profits. Don't wait to invest.


Once your investment transaction is complete you are a full PSP, and all you have to do is sit back relax and wait for the dividend checks to come in. All the planning and work is done on our end so you don't have to do anything else. Occasionally we may ask you to support The Happi Bean by posting a link or two on social media to help build the brand and increase profits. Increased profits means more money in your pockets too!


You should also get in the habit of using your own products. You wouldn't go shopping at Walmart if you owned Target right? It just makes sense that as a PSP: Profit Sharing Partner to use the products that help to build your brand.  Plus it's a really amazing coffee product and opportunity that could easily be offered for at least $25,000 per PSP. This opportunity was structured for you. 

Once you complete your checkout your PSP: Profit Sharing Partnership agreement will be sent via email. This document should be signed immediately and returned to us ASAP. In addition we will be sending you special bonuses and a welcome pack full of goodies that will show how much we appreciate you joining the team. You must also complete the PSP Application Form to begin the process of becoming a valued Profit Sharing Partner on this project. 

Don't Let This Amazing Once In A Lifetime Opportunity Slip Away

Share in 45% profits of one Happi Bean brick and mortar store and 30% of profits in The Happi Bean online store. This opportunity is for the life of the store where ever it is located and for a lifetime of 30% of online store profits. If The Happi Bean is ever sold, your PSP will be secured in the deal.

Our Happi Bean projects are economic growth kickstarters for small towns in America, therefore once you have committed to your investment there are absolutely no refunds or chargebacks allowed. Unfortunately this no refund policy had to be implemented so people would not be able to scam the system. Everyone Wins, so rest assured your investment as a PSP is secured and will only be used for Mission Happi projects that bring you a return on your investment/s.