5 Ways to Boost Your Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Here are 5 simple ways to boost your mental health and help grow HAPPI inside and out. 

HUM! This isn’t about being able to sing well. Everyone can hum! The vibration created while humming reduces stress related hormones. Increasing self-created opiates (happy chemicals) is a delightful "pick me up".  US National Library of Medicine

Can’t think of anything to hum? Take a trip down childhood lane. The ABC song.  Old McDonald Had a Farm.  The Wheels on the Bus.  Moms whose kiddos insist on listening to the same song all day, you have a head start!  You will find that once you start humming, other ditties to hum come flying in.

I've shared over on Instagram a catching tune that I hum while I shower "Every little cell in my body is HAPPI!"  

man with HAPPI Bean Coffee Mug

SMILE! Neurotransmitters, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin (more happy feel good chemicals!) are reported to release with your smile.  Psychology Today

“Serving coffee with a Smile” is The HAPPI Bean slogan so we remind ourselves to SMILE!

Want to make a habit of smiling? The easiest way to add a new habit (smiling), is to attach it to a habit you already have in place. You already drink coffee in the morning (existing habit). You want to smile to boost your mental health (new habit).

This is the very reason the The HAPPI Bean was born! That’s right! You heard it heard it here first! 

new morning breath HAPPI

BREATH!  OK…Ok….I know! You are already breathing….if you are reading this that is! {wink, wink}

Do you ever breath with mindfulness? It is too easy to go through our day, and not give our breathing a second thought. Our bodies, and especially our brains, LOVE air! As we bring our attention to our breath, we are reducing those stress hormones that keep us in fight or flight. This also allows our brain to better use those happy chemicals to increase our mental health. Medical News Today

There are little built in waits throughout our days, “waiting for us!”

Waiting on your toast for a go to breakfast.

The stoplight/s that brighten your commute into work.

When standing in line to check out at the grocery store, you is an opportunity to breath. Oh, you enjoy reading all the Hollywood gossip on the covers of magazines while waiting in line? No judgement from me! 

Think of each wait is an opportunity to breath.

Breath in for a count of 5. I like to think H-A-P-P-I. Hold your breath for a count of 5. Again it's easy to think H-A-P-P-I. Finally exhale for a count of 5. You guessed it- think H-A-P-P-I.

I know that you can count 1-2-3-4-5. But remember when I mentioned stacking habits! Since you want to be HAPPI, this is a nice time to remind your brain of what you want. You have created a double benefit.  And now you have something to do during all that waiting. 

coffee plant farmer HAPPI Bean

Senses Gratitude! You are in the know! Gratitude is part of most mental health practices. Spiritual and even physical practices, also encourage a gratitude practice. American Psychological Association

Gratitude is a practice you already have in place?  That is Great!

Gratitude through your senses is an easy way to up-level your current practice.

Through your senses you can bring your mind and body into connection.

As your body hears the sounds of the birds, your mind gives gratitude for the joyous song.

Your eyes see the home you decorated. You give thanks for each chosen treasure and color. 

Through your soft robe or silky power blouse,  touch brings you into the body you animate through life. Gratitude washes over your being! 

Tasting the first sips of coffee. Your mind gives gratitude for the farmers and the earth. Their bounty gives you a delightful favor profile. 

I won’t go through all our senses. You’ve got this one! 

coffee journal HAPPI Bean

Journaling! How many of you have a journaling practice?

Study after study shows that putting pen to paper reduces anxiety, depression. The practice of writing by hand, even reduces avoidance symptoms. You know those thoughts and feelings that keep you from show up as the amazing you know you are? Positive Psychology 

Journaling boosts your confidence.  As you live your life beautiful, instead of avoiding it, your mental health flourishes.

There is free writing: getting what’s in your head out on paper. There are also a plethora of journal prompts out there.

One you might want a practice as simple as H-A-P-P-I; get pen to paper, and allows you see and hear your mind. While HAPPI is a catchy way to spell happy, it is much more than that. HAPPI is a programing tool for mental health and life- inside and out. 

If you haven't picked up your free coffee guide to the best morning coffee ever, grab your copy. I go into details how you can journal yourself HAPPI. 

cup of coffee HAPPI Bean

Coffee Coffee! You caught me!  I can't count {wink, wink}. I know I said 5 simple ways to boost your mood, but I couldn’t help myself! 

If you drink coffee, you are already offering your mental health a boost.  Research shows many physical and mental health benefits of drinking coffee. Coffee & Health

Humans also have a psychological need for some routine, certainty, stability.

Imagine with me!

You grab your favorite mug. You hear the swoosh of the machine. You pour your first cup.  Breathing deep the rich aromas. Taking that first warming comforting sip of coffee.

This routine create a grounding for your day to come.

Yes, those HAPPI Beans are working to actually boosts HAPPIness. And your coffee routine is shown to improve your mental health too. 

Yoga practice HAPPI Lifestyle

You drink your water! You practice yoga! You eat those veggies to help maintain your physical health.  You have many simple practices to increase your physical health.

May is a month to remind us all that it is powerful to have in place practices for our mental health.

The HAPPI Bean is passionate about the value of maintaining Mental Health.

HAPPI is more than walking around happy. 

We are spreading the importance to choose to LIVE HAPPI Inside & Out! 

For Your Mind, Body & Soul.

For Our World.  

These simple and easy practices have supported my own mental health journey.  I trust you can benefit as well. 

Connect with us as you put these practices in place. 

We would love to hear how your own mental health has gotten a little more heathy and HAPPI.

HAPPI Bean Coffee
Serving Coffee with a Smile,
You Deserve to Live HAPPI Inside & Out!

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